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Makeup Classes and Seminars

Customize your makeup class to suit your wants and needs.

We have a list of one-on-one classes to choose from, for both beginners and advanced students.

Group classes are also available, and we tailor these to your group's needs; for example, 

enlighten young teens, a day-to-night look for the everyday woman, or an advanced artist fine tuning their skills.

View our Store for more details on makeup classes and packages that we offer.

Additional Class info

Step by step, you and your instructor will design a customized looked that is only for you. These are hands on classes and our main goal is to have fun learning!

You will learn product knowledge, application, and what colors work best for you.

You will follow your instructor as she does one side of your face as you do the other side.

Each of our classes are 90 minutes.

Makeup and skin care products are available to purchase.

Classes range from $50 to $150 for each, depending on the packages you choose.

Classes are discounted when you book three or more. Group classes are also a great option for discounts. 

Some of our available classes:

Self Enhancement

Smokey Eyes 101

Contouring and Skin Care

Day Look / Night Look

Runway, Print, Film

Body art and Theatrical

Here’s what we’ve been working on

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